AJ Roach | Music Photography

Music Photography makes me happy on so many levels.

I’ve seen AJ Roach live on a bunch of occasions. This one was incredible.

A few years ago my number one amigos Jeni & Ross (purveyors of listenable music) gave me an album called Dogwood winter. The album sat for a good few weeks before a nice single malt friend of mine suggested I give it a whirl.

I played this album straight through dozens of times over the next few weeks. It wasn’t just the stripped down music that held me. The words were really clever, the stories evocative and touching and the delivery angst-ridden and pained. This was clearly a record born from a long hurt-ridden life flecked with alcoholism and failed relationships (much of the best music is!).

Dogwood Winter became legendary in our home. I wondered if it was possible to ever see this guy play live in Scotland. It didn’t seem likely. Surely he was too weighed down by life experience to travel further than the neck of a whiskey bottle.

One night I got a call from Ross. Mr Roach was playing at a house in East Lothian. In Scotland! Would I like to go? Is this a wind-up? I was assured not.

I was very surprised to find that AJ was, in fact, a young guy with brain cells intact and a story to tell. I was right about the whiskey though. Mr Roach likes a malt. The gig was fantastic. We invited him to play at our studio. This was the first of our studio concerts. The energy of AJ live is there to see here.

Our family is proud to call AJ Roach a friend.