Becky and Godfrey’s Wedding Photography Part 2 | Glenapp Castle |

Becky made the most stunning bride – elegant, serene and wholly beautiful.  Her choice of this 1940s vintage inspired Vera Wang gown was perfect – how gorgeous does she look?  Godfrey looked incredibly handsome on the day and wore a gorgeous Douglas Modern tartan kilt and plaid with a navy blue Prince Charlie jacket, black dress sporran, finished with a decorative plaid brooch, kilt pin and a ‘sgian dubh’ (Scottish ceremonial knife). Godfrey’s best man wore the same kilt without the shoulder plaid.  You can read Part 1 of their wedding story here.

We asked the couple why they chose Archibald Photography. “We felt that Mark’s work had a superior quality to it, we researched many other wedding photographers and their work but kept coming back to Archibald Photography. Mark was the only one we both agreed on. Godfrey and I both liked the inclusion of elements of architecture and the story-telling style of his work. Godfrey also had the opportunity to travel up to Scotland and meet Mark a few weeks beforehand, they got on very well. When I met him on the day of the wedding, he helped me to feel at ease very quickly and comfortable in front of the camera. I felt like a model for the day!”

The best bit for Becky was that the day was “all about us, and a celebration of everything we’ve been through together in the seven years we’ve known each other. Aside from a couple of minor deviations from the plans, it was the most wonderful, emotional and fun day.”  For Godfrey, it was when he saw Becky walking down the aisle.

There’s always something unplanned that happens on a wedding day. As Becky recalled “We did some clay pigeon shooting on the morning of the wedding, when it came to my dad’s turn he managed to shoot the machine! Every single clay was broken and the machine had a rather large dent in it. We were all laughing so hard that no-one could speak for several minutes!”  Looking back, Becky would say “it was an incredible day that I will never forget. Plus I got to marry my best pal, how many people can say that.” And her advice to others would be “Take a few moments out to savour the experiences of the day. Just stop and appreciate all the hard work and organisation that has gone into your day because it will go past in a blur.”