Tt + Jorvik | Chinese Wedding Photoshoot Edinburgh

Tj and Jorvik are such a sweet and full of fun couple. Mark had a great laugh with them recently as he was asked to do a Chinese wedding photoshoot in Edinburgh in advance of their traditional Chinese wedding. They travelled up to Scotland from Coventry all because they wanted Mark to be their photographer for their pre-wedding bridal photos.

The couple met in Guangzhou, China, in the course of Jorvik’s business and Jorvik proposed to Tt at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Weddings in China normally take the form of a large dinner with all friends and relatives (often hundreds) invited to attend. The bride and groom will serve tea or wine to each guest in person. As Tt and Jorvik had agreed they wanted to walk down an aisle (not part of a Chinese wedding ceremony), they decided they would also hold a wedding ceremony in Bali. This will involve just some close friends and family and then they’ll enjoy their reception back in China.

In China, contrary to the West, most couples get their wedding photos taken ahead of the actual marriage day and then the pre-wedding photos are shown during the reception. It is quite common for couples to book a photographer for Chinese wedding studio photos with indoor sets (like movie sets) but Tt and Jorvik both felt they did not just want their photos just taken in a room. Instead they have chosen to do a series of bridal photoshoots while traveling around the world. Their next stop is Venice, Italy.  During their photoshoot with Mark, Tt had a number of different outfit changes including some beach shot in her bridal gown (Beret by Pronovias).

Tt told us “while I was browsing the internet for information on photographers, I did not have the ‘feeling’ when looking at numerous photos until I saw the website of Archibald Photography. The natural style, the smiles captured, and the structure of pictures are all attractive. Then I showed Jorvik the photos and we both loved it and decided to book. Mark and Donna are amazing. The communication is efficient, and they helped us a lot by recommending the locations for photos (including Tantallon Castle). Not to mention how professional Mark is on the day of shooting. The experience is definitely fantastic.”