How to Rock your Frock | Cherish the Dress Photography | Culzean Castle

Most brides, after their wedding day, have their dress carefully cleaned and then packed away in tissue never to be seen again.  Rather than being left with an expensive frock that you only wear once, some couples are choosing to organise a photoshoot where they ‘rock the frock’ or ‘cherish the dress’.  The start of a trend called ‘trash the dress’ is credited to John Michael Cooper, a Las Vegas photographer who has been taking what he refers to as ‘antibridal’ images since 2000 and there are entire websites dedicated to brides who opt to ‘trash’ their dresses.  To be honest, we’d be kinda horrified if we ‘trashed’ someone’s dress but it’s great fun to get a couple on their own after a wedding day where they are relaxed and not having to worry if their guests are being looked after.

We recently shot a post wedding photoshoot for Lisa and Michael around some of their favourite parts of Ayrshire.  The weather on Lisa and Michael’s actual wedding day had been horrendous so this ‘rock the frock’ photoshoot gave them a chance to get some gorgeous relaxed shots of the two of them outdoors with some of their favourite backdrops.  As Lisa told us “The photographs took my breath away. I had imagined beautiful pictures by the sea and castle but was blown away by how natural and unique the images were! The colours and textures are incredible – Mark totally captured the magic of the day. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Lisa’s wedding dress was ‘Serena’ by Alan Hannah, hair by Volume Hair and makeup by Looking Good.  The images were taken at Culzean Castle and at a local beach location.  Here are some of our favourite shots from the shoot: