Humanist Society Scotland Weddings by Mark Archibald Photography

Humanist Society Scotland Weddings

Often hilarious, moving, personal…always personal…Humanist Society Scotland weddings are among my favourites to photograph. From the 800-odd weddings I have shot over the years, around a quarter have been Humanist events. I have seen people laugh. I have seen Grannies cry with joy. I have heard people sing at the top of their voices. I’ve seen dancing, clapping, unidentifiable liquids drunk from Quaiches. I’ve witnessed countless hands being fasted(!), registers being signed…kisses being stolen…

As many of you will already know, I have become a celebrant with the Humanist Society Scotland over the past year conducting funerals and naming ceremonies…weddings are to come. Through my photography I’ve worked with many of the finest celebrants in Scotland over the years…sharing ceremony space and witnessing some truly beautiful moments in amazing locations. Now, being involved with the charity myself, I can call these people friends as well as colleagues. Here are some recent shots of HSS celebrants in full flow. If you are tying the knot and thinking of a Humanist Society Scotland Celebrant then I recommend taking a look here…or you can call or e.mail me if you like and we can have a wee chat about it. Humanists believe in respect, equal rights and compassion for all. We only get one chance at life on this earth, so let’s have a blast while we’re here. Your wedding day can be like that too!

Modelling kudos to my fellow celebrants… Maureen Kettle, David Smith, Claire Digance, Janet Donnelly, Janet Hamilton, Melanie Leckie, Mary Wallace, Mandy Evans Ewing, and Caroline Lambie.