Jen, Graham and the gentle giants | Portrait Photography | Glasgow

Jen and Graham met on a blind date, set up by a mutual friend who thought they were “too alike not to be together”. They’ve been together for 7 years now.

Jen and Graham love Whitelees Windfarm. Graham studied renewable energy engineering at Uni and Whitelees is biggest windfarm in Europe. The couple watched the windfarm being built and were glad they opened it to the public. Graham has such a massive turbine obsession, he wanted to get one as a tattoo. And Jen loves them because they look like “gentle giants”.

As Jen said “the day was absolutely soaking, and by the end we were drenched, but I loved it. Was so glad I wore the wellies! Graham’s converse were soaked through. Mark was running about all excited, lying on the ground. His enthusiasm is really infectious. The wind farm was so quiet since it was pouring, and everyone that was there was in full waterproof weather gear. We love that wind farm, but we were so glad we could introduce it to someone new.”