Katharine + Guy | An Edinburgh Elopement | Wedding Photography

We love to photograph a wedding elopement – so intimate and romantic.  Katharine and Guy got in touch with us and asked us to photograph their day- they live in Australia and chose Scotland for their elopement because the wedding would still be legal back home. Apart from Guy and Katharine, the only other people involved in their day were the minister, two witnesses, Mark and two cab drivers.

Katharine’s dress & shoes were Wayne Cooper (an Australian designer). Katharine told us “it was nerve wracking traveling with them although I had chosen a dress designed to be crushed. I couldn’t pack it in my carry on because it was 5% metal – so I just had to hope the luggage didn’t get lost!”

Guy and Katharine emailed a few different churches and said “the people at St Cuthbert’s were just so lovely and welcoming and made everything so easy for us that it was easy to choose them!”

These guys loved the weather; it was raining and really foggy and according to them”so exotic” (think they could teach us Scots a few things on thinking positively about our climate!) For them, they come from years and years of drought so having wet weather was “really special but also made the wedding really feel Scottish; if we’d wanted sunshine and dry weather we would have stayed in Australia”.

Katharine told us after that it was great going round Edinburgh with Mark. She said “the photos were amazing but having him tell us all about the places we were seeing was like having a personal tour of the city as well. My shoes were impossibly high which meant Guy and I were holding hands in almost every shot (very romantic) but walking on the cobbles was challenging! One of my favourite moments was when, coming down from the Royal Mile, I took a few steps with my shoes off – the cold wet cobbles felt so good. We had a fabulous day exploring Edinburgh and we wanted to get funky shots of us all over Edinburgh (and that’s exactly what we got).