North Uist | Travel Photography | Olympus Pen | Part 1

I find myself so inspired by the environment. I spend a lot of my working life photographing people. It can be really peaceful taking photographs of the world around us. Scotland offers so much that is pleasing to the eye. I love the influence of the weather on the landscape. It is too simple to say that the weather in Scotland isn’t good. I love the wildness of watching storm clouds blow across the landscape. A walk in the rain can make you feel so alive. This is a country where you have to read between the lines sometimes in order to see the beauty.

The islands of Scotland offer endless opportunities for travel photography. There are many islands and they are all different. I find it easier to absorb a sense of the past history of rural Scotland on the islands than I do on the mainland. Man and his environment walk hand in hand on North Uist. The island shows a lot of sky. We were the only people on the incredible beaches. Peat smoke spirals from the chimneys of beautifully preserved cottages. The prevailing wind unbalances long grasses and lays them on their side. Standing stones freckle hillsides overlooking deep lochs. And we cycle. Everywhere. We breathe in and then out and all around us Uist breathes too. Our children and our friends’ children roll in heather and get sand stuck to their suncream. I get sunburn on my legs while the wind pretends it is cold by the seaside. My little camera looks at everything and it makes me smile.

One day we will come back.  Read Part 2 here.