Pamela + Steven | Girona, Spain | Destination Wedding Photography

Pamela and Steven have been together since 1996 when she was 16 and he was 19. They met in the local bar in Motherwell and then spoke outside the chip shop – high romance indeed! Pamela thought Steven looked like he could be in Oasis so she fancied him rotten! Since 1996 they have been together through all Steven’s studies – he did 8 years at Uni including 6 months at Stanford University in the US and Pamela’s work in London as a dancer. As they had been partners and best friends for 12 years, there were no wedding nerves, Pamela said she couldn’t wait to get married to Steven.

The planning was easy and Steven let Pamela design the whole day. But the language barriers to organising a wedding in Girona, Spain sometimes proved funny. One day Pamela went alone to the Barcelona Bridal Event without realising it is really for fashion buyers while she thought it was a wedding fair! It’s one of the biggest Bridal fashion shows in the world and she just walked about in heaven looking at all the dresses and the catwalk shows. Karl Lagerfeld (whom Pamela adores) was there with Rosa Clara. They also found it very difficult to make some of the wedding arrangements as the Spanish are so laid back! A lot of things were left very last minute (i.e. a few days beforehand!) but Steven was a great help with this. He would be on the phone constantly trying to make arrangements happen on time and finalise them – a lot of patience was required!

Booking Girona Cathedral wasn’t too tricky as they went about 14 months in advance and asked when they were free. Pamela & Steven had a Scottish priest flown over to Girona but the choir were all Catalan and so a few things went wrong (like when they were going to sign the register and the choir started singing one of the hymns. When they finally started the hymn, they added a long intro so the poor priest started and then had to start again. The hymn was sung so slow that Pamela & Steven were in stitches!)

Every time Pamela bought a Spanish magazine, she was always drawn to Rosa Clara dresses. She felt they were very distinct in their style – either clean, contemporary lines with a fashion edge or traditional Spanish made from beautiful lace. When she opted for a Rosa Clara, she chose a modern design that she had seen in Hola magazine – cotton and taffeta with a low waist. Pamela changed the dress a little to suit her body shape and Rosa Clara were very helpful; she was absolutely delighted with the result.

Pamela also had a bespoke fascinator from Beth Morgan. She saw one of Beth’s designs in Brides Magazine and had put it into her ideas/look book. When Pamela contacted Beth, she gave her great ideas and designed a fascinator to go with her dress. Pamela found buying from abroad quite nerve wracking as she wasn’t able to try things on. But again she was absolutely delighted with the fascinator and all the work that had gone into it.

The restaurant who catered for the wedding were El Cellar de can Roca who have 2 Michelin Stars.  It’s very distinct as it is a very traditional Catalan house with beautiful gardens but inside it’s completely modern (black and white with huge light panels on the walls). The restaurant’s theme went perfectly with Pamela’s wedding theme of contemporary/art deco/black and white. Plus the food is famous, and was amazing!! The restaurant was quite difficult to organise and in the end they got married on a Sunday to accommodate them. The Church were very helpful, even though it’s quite unusual to get married at 5pm on a Sunday.

Mark was asked to provide the photography as one of Pamela’s best friends had used Archibald Photography before and she loved the natural but arty, contemporary results. Mark said “I had a great time walking around the streets of Girona with Pamela and Steven, making the most of the great architecture and natural light. Pamela and Steven are really into photography which made them easy to photograph. After a summer of photographing in Scotland, it was nice that it wasn’t raining!”

When asked about her favourite part of the day, Pamela said “aside from the service and actually being married, my favourite part was when we entered the restaurant to Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and everyone was standing waving their napkins wildly propeller-style in the air as is the tradition in Catalan. Amazing!!!!”