Spotting a meteor | Life in rural Scotland

On Saturday, my friend and I saw the most incredible thing. We happened to be sitting with a full view of our bay window when an enormous fireball with a long trailing tail of fire passed by. As we live in rural Scotland, the light pollution is minimal and this extraordinary sight appeared to skirt the top of the trees on our lane.

To be honest, I was at first terrified. It appeared to be a plane on fire coming down in our village. I jumped out of my seat, leapt over to the window and was able to follow the unbelievable vision through the sky as it appeared to disappear towards the end of Crawford.

A stunned silence followed as we tried to process what we had seen. A quick scan of Twitter and Facebook soon revealed that we had, in fact, just been lucky enough to have an amazing view of a meteor. I felt so lucky to have been looking out of the window at exactly the right time – it was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. I just wish I had had a camera in my hand!