St Salvator's Chapel

St Salvator’s Chapel & The Balmoral Hotel

The beautiful wedding of Catherine & Ryan at St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews and then on to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.

Thank you for making Archibald Photography part of your day. And thank you to Kimmie & George, wedding co-ordinators supreme, from Litu.

The day started of with getting ready at the iconic Old Course Hotel in St Andrews…

St Salvator's Chapel archibaldphotography_0653St Salvator's Chapelarchibaldphotography_0660 archibaldphotography_0654 archibaldphotography_0655 archibaldphotography_0656 St Salvator'sSt Salvator’s Chapel in St Andrews is an absolutely wonderful, atmospheric and special place to be married. Beautiful architecture and wonderful acoustics for singing and the chapel’s amazing organ. Catherine & Ryan had brought their own celebrant all the way from Dallas to make things even more personal.archibaldphotography_0661 archibaldphotography_0662 archibaldphotography_0663 archibaldphotography_0664 archibaldphotography_0665 archibaldphotography_0666 archibaldphotography_0667 archibaldphotography_0668 archibaldphotography_0669 archibaldphotography_0670 archibaldphotography_0671 archibaldphotography_0672 archibaldphotography_0673 archibaldphotography_0674 archibaldphotography_0675 archibaldphotography_0676 archibaldphotography_0677 archibaldphotography_0678 archibaldphotography_0679 archibaldphotography_0680 St Salvator's ChapelAfter the ceremony, we visited West Sand’s Beach in St Andrews…a place which is very close to Catherine’s heart from her time as a student at the University.archibaldphotography_0682 archibaldphotography_0683 archibaldphotography_0684 archibaldphotography_0685 archibaldphotography_0686 archibaldphotography_0687 archibaldphotography_0688 archibaldphotography_0689 archibaldphotography_0690 archibaldphotography_0691 archibaldphotography_0692 archibaldphotography_0693 archibaldphotography_0694 archibaldphotography_0695 archibaldphotography_0696 St Salvator's Wedding PhotographyThe wedding meal and speeches took place after a drive to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. Wonderful speeches and a truly wonderful wedding. Congratulations Catherine & Ryan. It was such a privilege spending the day¬†with you.archibaldphotography_0698 archibaldphotography_0699 archibaldphotography_0700 archibaldphotography_0701 archibaldphotography_0702 archibaldphotography_0703 St Salvator's Chapel Wedding Photography by Archibald Photography