These Things Happen | Photo 25

A series of photographs. I didn’t influence them. They didn’t happen because somebody had a camera. Sometimes things happen on their own. I like to photograph things like that. These things happen…

Around 17000 ft above sea level on the world’s highest motorable road from Manali to Kashmir, it is very scary when there is a road collapse underneath your vehicle. The air is thin, your breathing accelerated by the oxygen depletion as well as the shock when you see the ruined road the driver attempted to traverse. I remember looking out of the window to see the bus overhanging a drop of thousands of feet. Then came a wait of two or three hours while the mountainside was cut out with picks to allow space for the vehicle to pass and the steam from the engine to cool and dissipate. Weirdly, I always felt at my most comfortable when in the middle of scenes like this. They made my eyes and my experiences wider.

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