Black & white film travel photograph

Travel Photographs on Film

I love to photograph on film. It teaches you to wait. It makes you think harder because every frame is permanent. I took these photographs before I had even seen a digital camera. I remember thinking…It’ll never be as good as film. It’s not better anyway, just different.

Most of these were developed and printed by hand. Some were shot on several years out of date East German black and white film which I bought for a small amount of pence each in a chinese market in Laos. Almost all were taken with my Nikon FM2 and a 50mm 1.4 lens. I had to sell it to part finance another camera just when people started paying me to take photographs. I would love to get that camera back.

The photographs are from Srinigar in Kashmir, Delhi and Laos. There are 3 of New York I had forgotten all about. I spent a few months living in New York and really felt at home there (as I have in quite a few places!). There’s something a bit unsettling about that old manhattan skyline and the heavy grain of the film.

We had an incredible road journey over the world’s second highest motorable road to Kashmir. Looking back that was quite a tense place. A houseboat on Dal lake in Srinagar was the means of escape. There are quite a few photographs taken paddling around Dal Lake under the flocks of eagles.

My travel photographs are priceless to me.  It is all too easy to forget the things you have done.

Black & white film travel photograph