Wedding Photojournalism | The importance of Sequences

What happened just after this picture was taken?

Wedding photojournalism is based around telling an overall story of a wedding. Within every wedding there are little subplots and happenings which are unpredictable and unforgettable. Most of my work on a wedding day is photojournalism. In order to capture these fleeting, unrepeatable moments successfully I have to be very observant and also anticipate when something interesting might happen. This comes with the experience of capturing hundreds of weddings. I also incorporate a lot of my experiences photographing the world around me in many different countries. In my travel and street photography I have always been fascinated by seeing and photographing real situations not set up artificially by a photographer. Over the years it has become clear to me how much more people prefer natural images of their wedding day.

A large part of my wedding photography coverage revolves around looking for sequences of events which tell a little story. A bit like a little filmstrip.

What happened just after the above picture was taken. I knew something was going to happen. The train of that dress was just too enticing for the shoes of a kid……………