Winter Wedding Photography | Ardanaiseig House

A winter wedding in Scotland can be impossibly beautiful. Snow can bring great travel challenges…the piper and I had a long wait to leave for home while a vehicle was removed from the single track road. What a setting Ardanaiseig House provides. There are worse places to be stranded!!!

Andrea & Kevin chose Ardanaiseig for the scenery as well as the exceptional food and service in the hotel, so I really wanted to give them a great memory of this through their photographs.

Andrea spent a lot of effort choosing a dress which would fit the location and the vibe of the wedding, opting for a beautiful Celtic wedding dress design from the Celtic Spirit collection by Lindsay Fleming Couture.

I have to mention the painting in the dining hall at Ardanaiseig, which fascinates me every time I see it…you can view detail from it in the gallery below…I wonder if you can spot anybody you know in it?…In fact…is there anybody you don’t know in it?!!!

Here is some winter wedding photography from this wonderful Scottish winter day.